American Government……Leadership or Not?

I decided to take a look at our supposed leaders and examine thecrossword 14 aspects of true leadership and see if those who are in charge of our governments functioning are actually true leaders, or just a group who are being followed.

There are many aspects of leadership that are accepted by most psychologists and business people, however here(for the sake of time and space)we will discuss those few that are accepted as the most important.

The first aspect (and perhaps the most important) is do the leaders create a Vision that others can believe in, rally around andvision-vs-mision-statementsbecome a part of? This nations founders had a powerful vision, not only something that people could believe in and become a part of…but something that they would have to rally around to grow as individual and groups. Does the American government currently have a Vision that the people can believe in? Obamacare? Tax Reform? Jobs? The Economy? It really doesn’t appear so. One of the latest government approval rating shows that around 14% of Americans approve of the job the United States Congress is doing. President Obama is doing somewhat better at about 40% approval (Galllup)……These numbers show little belief in the government and it’s Vision.
The next aspect of leadership is being able to set goals that are achievable, and creating a dynamic that allows the group(in this case constitution-founding-fathersthe American people)to participate in achieving these goals. This principal of involvement allows others to offer their expertise and skills to making the goal possible, and this principal also creates the possibility for innovation and the establishment of new goals. This was one of the pillars that the United States of America was founded on, maximum utilization of expertise and participation. The marginalization of certain groups of people is causing harm to this nation, because we are not taking advantage of their expertise and skills, all because they are different or don’t have as much as others. Leadership is not occurring if only the leaders are participating.
The final aspect of leadership that we will discuss today(remember there are many others)is the ability to motivate others to motivate ????????????????????????????????????????other to achieve the aforementioned goals, without motivation people will not participate in the needed tasks, or will participate, but not for very long(or willingly). Motivation goes hand-in-hand with having a Vision people can believe in, but as a leader you must maintain that believe and energy, otherwise it will lose it’s drive. There are many examples of our government offering it’s people motivation(whether intrinsic or extrinsic); Motivating the American People from an agrarian economy into the more aggressive industrial economy, The Roosevelt Administration motivating the American People out of The Depression and into World War II, and the increase in national infrastructure. However I see just self-motivation, and the motivation for survival amongst many of the American people, I see no connective motivation from our government.
According to these standard factors that dictate leadership, there is little to no amount of leadership currently coming from our nation’s capitol. Leadership tends to come directly from the American People, the people provide their own vision for their future which they interpret into survival and social goals.People provide their own motivation in America today.

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